London Photo Laundry 2013

Sunday, sunny, warm weather – nice day to dry laundry in the open air. Have you ever thought about that? And what about dry your photos in the open air? Sounds eccentric... The idea came from St. Petersburg. It’s called Photo Laundry.
So, Last Sunday Photo Laundry took place in Waterlow park, thanks to event organizer who is also a talented Russian photographer Ekaterina Nikitina. The event idea is simple, everybody brings few own photoes or illustrations and hang them on the laundry rope. If you found an interesting work, you can take it, but you should leave one of yours instead.
Of course, it was not only watching and discussing – there were some presentations about photo, internet and art. And the best coffee prepared right on the grass, I had ever tried, thanks to Vadim Granovskiy.


Sergey Lekomtsev - iPhonography
Dmitry Stepanenko - Street photography and photo communities
Katerina Nikitina - Presentation of a new web site for photographers
Konstantin Pinaev – Self-promotion and power of social networks
Tatiana Alisova – Interactive storytelling
Anna Radchenko - fashion photography

To find out more about Vadim and his fantastic coffee visit his Facebook page “ Coffee In Action"

I had a really good time and met a lot of nice people.

Here are some photos of the event.